When buying a truck, there are many factors to consider. Does it offer enough cargo room? What’s the payload capacity? Is the engine powerful enough for what you require? How do you determine which pickup is right for the job?

The challenge comes when Hyattsville or College Park drivers try sorting through their available options and attempt to select a truck that offers the right balance between overall performance, hauling and towing capacity, fuel economy, etc. To help figure this out, we’ve compiled a list of eights way to select the right pickup.

8 Ways to Choose the Ideal Pickup

  1. Payload: Figure out what a truck can haul and its max load weight is and see if it meets your needs.
  2. Bed Size: Determine how much cargo you need to carry.
  3. Trailering: If you’re from Washington DC and need a good towing capacity, figure out what you’re hauling and its size and weight.
  4. Cargo management: Depending on your needs it can be beneficial to figure out how a truck can secure your payload.
  5. Crew Capacity: Trucks don’t hold a lot of people but if you expect to drive people around, check how many passengers a truck can hold.
  6. Expected Mileage: If you’re a Silver Spring local and tend to put a lot of miles on your truck, it's worth getting one that offers decent power to withstand the test of time.
  7. Road Conditions: Where do you intend to drive your truck? On back roads, in the suburbs, on the highway? Knowing this can help determine which truck is an ideal choice.
  8. Off-Road Use: Should you be from the Capital Heights area and need a truck that can do some off-roading, it’s a good idea to see if the one you’re after handles well in harsh conditions like mud, dirt roads, loose gravel, hilly terrain, or steep slopes.

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