Toyota Corolla and Toyota Camry

Here at Mr. Car, you're able to find many different used vehicles for sale from our dealership in Brentwood, MD which services the Washington, DC area. That includes a wide range of sedans from all brands, and in all sizes. To find the right size for you, many pick between a compact option and a mid-sized choice. We're here to highlight them all, showcase the benefits, help you determine what's right for you, and give you the chance to explore what we have and drive off in a quality sedan soon.

First, let's talk about the two segments. A compact sedan is of course, compact. It has four doors, but its wheelbase, width and other dimensions are on the smaller side. On the other end there's the mid-size option which sits above a compact in size, and adds a little more room. These are generally among the most common sedans you see out on the road, but both choices have their advantages, which you can learn all about when you come through and take a look at our selection near Silver Spring and Hyattsville.

Why Choose a Compact Sedan?

Many people who pick compact sedans do so because they have a few things in mind when they purchase. The first is the pricing. Many compact sedans such as the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Hyundai Elantra are priced in a range that is appealing to many drivers of all different backgrounds and with pre-owned options, that remains true. Another reason many gravitate toward compact sedans is that they provide standout efficiency and maneuverability. They're good for city and suburban driving as they are able to go through neighborhoods and on the highways and give you plenty of mileage on your daily commute or errands around town.

Why Choose a Mid-Size Sedan?

If you want more space over the compact sedan, a mid-sized sedan makes plenty of sense. They're bigger, and still cost-effective options with a wide range of choices from the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and the Hyundai Sonata to name a few. You can find them in not only economy brands, but luxury brands too for quality driving from DC to College Park and in between. Mid-size sedans are also efficient vehicles, and provide an added boost of power, making them a good commuter in our area, and always a popular choice.

Come Test Drive Our Used Sedan Options Today

The team here at Mr. Car would be happy to provide those in areas from Brentwood, along with Capital Heights a chance to come see all our current compact and mid-size sedan choices. We can go over all the details and give you the chance to test drive them to find the ideal fit. We can help you save too with financing and auto loan options to secure a quality rate on our options, so get in touch soon.

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