At our used car dealership serving those across the beltway here in Brentwood, MD you're able to find vehicles from leading brands. This includes used Honda and used Toyota options and we're always here to help you navigate the process so you can find the right choice and save. Within those used Honda and Toyota lineup there are popular choices like the Accord and Camry. Many want to know how to compare the two together, and we can provide you with those resources to give you the chance to make the right decision for you.

Where a Used Honda Accord Has Advantages

When you purchase a used Accord, you can count on it for a standout drive. The Honda brand has long been reliable and counted on to provide a quality drive for you. It also offers standout fuel economy, and comfort as you drive, plus when you buy used, you're also saving, but getting standout value as the Accord has strong residual value as well. It has enough space for those with families too as they look to get around areas like Silver Spring, College Park and Washington, DC.

The Honda Accord, including the pre-owned options we have here also do well in crash test ratings, and offers many driver assistance features.

Where a Used Camry Has Advantages

A used Toyota Camry gives you the chance to save and buy a quality sedan too. This includes strong reliability and resale value, plus you're also going to find it has a roomier interior with space for families and individuals. Additionally, you might find that there are used Camry Hybrid options available too, giving you an added benefit of efficiency. The Camry also has you covered with standout safety features, while offering quality standard features for technology on many recent model year used choices.

There's a lot to offer as the Camry is also known to be a highly reliable vehicle that drivers can count on for many miles throughout the likes of Hyattsville and Capital Heights.

Which One Should You Choose? A Used Camry or Used Accord?

The differences between these two models are going to come down to taste. They're that close in quality and what you're going to get from the driving experience. But, the driving experience is a personal one, so that's why we encourage you to come through and take a test drive in our current used Accord and Camry options here at Mr. Car. Our team is happy to make sure you get all the details and experience everything about these sedans and any other ride you might be interested in.

We're also here to provide you with financing so you can get a standout rate and save if you purchase a used Camry or Accord here at our Brentwood area dealership, and we look forward to assisting you and seeing you soon!

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