With the busy roads around Silver Spring and College Park, getting a vehicle with the safety features to help keep you and your family protected is an important thing consider when choosing your next vehicle. At Mr. Car Automotive Group, we’re here to let you know which safety features are most important when considering your next car, truck, or SUV, so you can shop with your family’s safety in mind when you visit our Brentwood, MD dealership.

Energy-Absorbing Frame

We’re starting with a feature that is critical when an accident actually occurs, because that is when safety truly matters most. Finding a used car with a frame that designed to absorb and deflect energy is the best way to ensure your family’s safety on the road. Models like the Toyota Highlander, Volvo XC90, and Mercedes-Benz GLE are all great examples of vehicles whose frame structures are specifically designed to send energy around the passenger compartment, helping reduce the severity of the impact on those inside.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Second on our list of important safety features is automatic emergency braking. While this system can’t be considered a catch-all since it depends on several environmental factors, it is a great feature to have for some extra peace of mind. This system works by detecting how quickly you are approaching a vehicle, and can apply the brakes automatically to help reduce the severity of the impact. In some cases, low-speed crashes can be avoided altogether, while those at higher speeds are mitigated by slowing the speed just before impact.

Forward Collision Warning

In a perfect world, this is a feature that you’d never see in action, but with the traffic around Captial Heights and Silver Spring, you may find yourself loving a forward collision alert system. Similar to automatic emergency braking, this system uses radar and camera sensors to detect potential collisions, and sends up an alert so you can take evasive action. Some systems can even detect stopped vehicles that you can’t see due to other traffic, giving you an even better chance of avoiding a dangerous situation by sending up the warning before the vehicle ahead has even reacted.

Lane Keep Assist

Whether its kids in the back seat, a sudden coffee spill, or you’re simply checking your mirrors and lose focus for a bit, lane keep assist can help keep you out of trouble. By detecting lane markings and recognizing when you are drifting, it can step in to steer you toward the center of your lane so you aren’t accidentally merging into a vehicle in an adjacent lane.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Even with the wealth of mirrors and cameras on modern vehicles, backing out of a parking space or driveway can be a dangerous proposition. By choosing a vehicle with rear cross traffic alert installed, you’ll have a set of features that can warn you of oncoming traffic while in reverse, so you can stop before a collision occurs. This is especially important when backing out of a driveway, when higher-speed vehicles on the road may not have time to stop or swerve if you suddenly reverse into their path.

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