There are a ton of myths surrounding winter driving. From maintenance to safety, these may interfere with your car in a range of ways. So, our professionals are here to bust a few of these myths for our Hyattsville shoppers. If you would like to know more, simply give us a call!

Tires and All-Wheel Drive

One thing many Washington DC shoppers do is avoid winter tires, especially when their roads are generally dry. This is not the best decision because winter tires are made from a rubber that stays softer at lower temperatures. All-wheel drive is also dependent on what type of tires you have. If your tires are not ready for the winter, having this system will not help much.

Safety Planning in College Park

Your preparation and fueling should also change in the winter. For those that drive their car or SUV to empty, you may want to consider changing that habit. You never know how long a commute will take during the winter months, and you don't want to be stuck on the side of the road in Silver Spring with an empty tank. Emergency kits are another great thing to add to your car for these situations.

Warming Up Your Car or SUV

How many of us head out to start our cars, then enjoy our morning coffees or finish our daily routines? Modern vehicles don't have to warm up for that long. In fact, starting your vehicle far before you leave your Capital Heights driveway can even damage the engine. Simply start your car while you brush off the snow, then hit the road.

Learn More Winter Driving Tips Now

At Mr. Car in Brentwood, MD, we can share a list of other winter driver tips and myths. Simply visit our dealership or give one of our professionals a call. You can also handle your winter service and maintenance needs with us!

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