We recommend you change your power steering fluid between 75 and 100 thousand miles or every two years, whichever comes first. However, when your vehicle requires a change in power steering fluid may vary, so we also recommend that you consult your owner's manual and our expert service team. Our service center can regularly check your fluid levels and recommend changing your power steering fluid.

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Why Change Your Power Steering Fluid?

Ensuring your vehicle has properly functioning power steering fluid is crucial for your car's handling and safety. Power steering fluid is vital for the power steering pumps, which are hydraulic pumps that can create upwards of sixteen hundred pounds of pressure. Instead of controlling the weight of your vehicle through the steering wheel alone, power steering ensures your steering is responsive and doesn't require effort.

When you leave your power steering fluid for too long, it becomes dirty and creates friction. If the fluid becomes dirty enough, it can ruin seals in the pump or the rack, making expensive repairs and replacements. Changing your power steering fluid routinely is much less expensive and time-consuming than dealing with pricey replacements and repairs.

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