Your vehicle may need a new cabin air filter between 15 and 45 thousand miles or every year. Why the range differs so much is dependent on the air conditions. If there is wildfire smoke in your area, you travel on busy roads, or lots of dust or pollen, you may need to change your cabin air filter more often. If you are particularly sensitive to pollen and particles in the air, you may want to consider changing your filter as soon as five thousand miles.

Learn more about the importance of cabin air filters and how we can help.

Why Change Your Cabin Air Filter?

Your cabin air filter removes particles in the air from entering your cabin so that your breathing air is clean and fresh. However, the microfilter becomes dirty through use and over time, causing it to become less effective. Certain types of particles can clog your air filter quicker, such as smoke particles, which will cause the filter to become less effective quicker.

The condition and quality of your is particularly important if you have allergies or asthma. When cabin air filters work at their best, they can create safe breathing air for passengers with sensitivities to air quality.

Exceptional Auto Service

While you can easily replace some air filters, others require more expertise to swap out. Our service center has the experience, equipment, and high-quality parts necessary for your cabin air filter replacement to go off without a hitch. We have access to high-quality cabin air filters and can ensure we find the perfect match for your vehicle.

Change Your Cabin Air Filter

You can change your cabin air filter by contacting our service center and scheduling a test drive today.

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