As you look around at other cars on the road during your commute, you may wonder which vehicles have the best fuel economy. Suppose you have a lengthy commute, carpool often, or use your vehicle for business. In that case, the average fuel economy of a used vehicle may be a top consideration when purchasing a vehicle. No matter your vehicle use, you can feel confident you'll only get the best fuel-efficient vehicle options to choose from in Mr. Car's used vehicle inventory.

At Mr. Car in Brentwood, MD, we inspect every used vehicle that comes across our lot before we put it up for sale. Not only do we fully correct any issues we detect, but we also perform routine maintenance that can improve fuel efficiency even further. We'd love for you to look at our used vehicle inventory online and explore the many fuel-efficient, pre-owned models we have available.

Some of the Best Pre-Owned and Fuel-Efficient Models

How do you determine if a vehicle maintains good fuel efficiency or not? The standard rule is that any vehicle that maintains a fuel economy of 26 highway MPG or better is considered to be fuel-efficient. If a vehicle's MPG hits 40 or more, it would be outstanding in this area.


As a model that is hard to beat in high fuel efficiency, a used Honda Accord hybrid is hard to beat. Averaging 49 city MPG and 47 highway MPH, this sedan helps you spend less time at the pump and more time on the open road. Up next is a vehicle that is well-known for its fuel-efficiency popularity. The Toyota Prius can get up to 53 city MPG and 46 highway MPG while maintaining its status as a modern powerhouse. The Insight carries on the tradition of Honda, which can attain 55 city MPG and 49 highway MPG fuel economy. The Insight's dual-motor hybrid system is unlike anything we've seen in other hybrid models from College Park to Washington DC.


Fuel-efficient, used SUVs are highly desirable thanks to their extra space for cargo and passengers and their towing capabilities. Competing in the SUV arena is the top-rated Kia Niro, which maintains 51 city MPG and 46 highway MPG—perfect for your commute around Hyattsville. These stats are achievable with the Niro's standard 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine, and 2WD coupling. Up next is the Toyota Corolla Cross, which commonly maintains 32 combined MPG and up to 33 MPG with a front-wheel-drive selection. The Nissan Rogue is also a fuel-efficient SUV despite its lack of a hybrid powertrain. Even so, the Rogue manages to maintain a fuel economy of 37 highway MPG.


While you may not expect a truck to be fuel-efficient, some models will crush that assumption. Starting with the pre-owned RAM 1500 Ecodiesel leaves us with a truck that can achieve 30 MPG without sacrificing power. It also features a 3.0-liter, 240-hp diesel engine as standard. It's hard to follow that achievement, but the used Chevrolet Colorado comes close with its 27 highway MPG fuel economy. Similarly, the GMC Canyon also offers the same fuel efficiency as the Colorado.

Take Advantage of Used Fuel-Efficient Vehicles at Mr. Car in Brentwood, MD

When considering the purchase of a pre-owned model from Mr. Car in Brentwood, MD, fuel economy is a top factor to consider. You can reduce your time and money spent at the pump by choosing a vehicle that serves your lifestyle and transportation needs well. Whether you’re in Silver Spring or Capital Heights, we can show you around our top fuel-efficient, pre-owned models and answer any questions you might have.