You made it! The east coast winters can be brutal, but you've made it through the worst of it, and we're springing towards better weather. But you're not the only one that survived the frigid temperatures in Hyattsville and the greater DMVA —your vehicle made it through the tough times as well. So, now that you're headed to clearer roads and greener pastures, what can you do to prep your vehicle for the higher temperatures? Here are a few tips to get your vehicle locked, loaded, and ready for some springtime fun.

Here are Your Tips

AC Check

Few things in the automotive world are worse than riding around in College Park when your AC goes out. It's probably the quickest way to void every comfort and convenience feature during your drive. And since you probably haven't used it since last summer, a good check ensures that it's ready to go. So, before the temp shoots up, it's best to make sure your AC is ready to pump out cool air to keep you at a relaxing temperature during your ride.

Fluid Level Checks

During the cold months, antifreeze keeps your engine from turning into a block of ice. Engine coolant will ensure your car doesn't get too hot and burn out in the spring and summer. You can bring your vehicle to our mechanics and let them check your coolant levels, so you don't end up with smoke billowing from underneath your hood in Silver Spring.

Check/Change Your Oil

Motor oil is the bloodline of the engine and other components of your vehicle. It helps to keep everything lubricated so it all functions correctly. You made it through the cold months, so now, let's be sure that your oil is clean and ready to go. A missed oil change here and there can result in a failed engine or damage to other parts of your vehicle. And, we're sure you don't want to fork out the cash it'll take to get those repaired.

Check Engine Air Filter

This usually comes with your oil change request, but just in case it doesn't, make sure you request this service. Your engine's air filter helps keep harmful pollutions out of your engine. If this component is neglected, you'll have decreased gas mileage, engine misfires, strange noises from underneath your hood, and more.

Check Wiper Blades

What's blurry and travels 70 MPH on the freeway n Capital Heights? A vehicle with bad windshield wipers. Yes, the weather is hotter, but we know the riddle—April's showers bring May's flowers. So, there should be a lot of rain to deal with this season. With that being said, a good set of wipers will keep your windshield clear on the road. But, wait, we know you're not REALLY traveling 70 MPH in the rain. Right?

Check Brakes

And if you are going 70 MPH in the rain, we won't shame you. We'll just hope that you, and everyone around you, remain safe—and having a good set of brakes will help. Our mechanics will check your brake pad's thickness, rotors, and brake fluid to ensure you'll have the stopping power when you need it.

Wheel Alignment

If you feel your vehicle pulling a little to the left or the right when you momentarily let go of the wheel, it's time for an alignment. A bad alignment will accelerate wear on your tires. So, you'll wind up spending more on a new pair, or set, because your tire tread will have decreased so much. Do you like giving away money? Rolling with a bad alignment will do that for you.

Mr. Car Automotive Group

Let our professionally trained mechanics get your vehicle in top shape for the spring. Most of our maintenance services will be done the same day, so we can have you in and out in no time. You can schedule your appointment online or stop by and let us handle it right away. The choice is yours—but whatever you do, make sure your car is ready to go. Major car trouble is the wrong way to spring into better weather.

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