Fall is here, and before you know it the chill of Winter will follow. Most people don't think about how the cold can affect their cars, but the weather has a greater impact than they realize. Don't let your car go unprepared! Mr. Car offers a few tips to drivers around the Brentwood, MD area so their vehicle can better weather the seasons.

Check the Tires

Check your tires before driving off around Hyattsville. Tires are an important part of your vehicle, but they are also one of the most weather-affected parts. As the temperature fluctuates, it can cause a drop in tire pressure. This pressure dip can cause your tires to lose air.

Another thing drivers must watch for is ice and snow on the road. Low tire pressure can make it hard for your wheels to function to their best ability. Low pressure on the icy roads of Capital Heights can lead to sliding and other dangerous situations. Having your tires inspected and rotated is a great way to combat the cold.

Check the Brakes

Properly working brakes are essential for all Washington DC drivers. In frigid weather, wear can increase on your brake pads, leading to them fail. Brake pads have to work extra hard when ice and snow build up under your vehicle and grind against them. A qualified team should frequently check your brakes during the fall and winter to ensure their functionality.

Check the Battery

Batteries are crucial for College Park drivers, but they can show signs of corrosion over time. In chilly weather especially, a battery's power can quickly deplete. A battery check can inform you of how much life is left and when it's time for a replacement.

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