Buying a used car is a great alternative to purchasing a new one, but what is it about pre-owned vehicles that makes them such incredible options for drivers in the Brentwood, MD area? If you've been thinking about purchasing a used car and wondering if it's the right move for you, we encourage you to dive into our expansive used inventory and check out our five reasons why buyers love used cars to find out more about the benefits of springing for a used car here at Mr. Car.

1.) Affordability

One of the main reasons that drivers from Hyattsville to College Park choose used cars when shopping for a vehicle is the price tag. Used cars are less expensive than their new counterparts by nature because new vehicles take the biggest hit to their value the moment they roll off the lot. That means that when you buy a quality used car here at our dealership, you get to reap the benefits and enjoy the savings all while driving a top-notch car that inspires confidence.

2.) Diversity

When you shop for a new car, you are typically limited to one or two model years. That can severely restrict your options when shopping for a vehicle. When you buy used here at our dealership, you can explore a vast and varied selection of used cars from a variety of different automakers with a spectacular array of different features to enjoy.

3.) More for Less

Since the price tags on used cars are smaller than those on new vehicles, you can get more car for your money at our used car dealership serving Washing DC and Silver Spring. Are you looking for a fully-equipped vehicle with all the bells and whistles? Do you have your eye on spending less on a luxury car that might otherwise be outside your budget? Buying used opens all kinds of doors.

4.) Less Depreciation

New cars tend to depreciate quickly in the first few years after they roll off the lot. Used cars typically depreciate slower, allowing you to enjoy a vehicle that has a firmer grip on its value than something brand-new.

5.) Lower Insurance Costs

Various factors determine insurance costs, but used cars generally demand less of your insurance company because they have a smaller value. So, owning a used car can be instrumental in lowering insurance costs for your vehicle.

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